President’s Message: Who Are Our Quality People?

// Who Are Our Quality People? // 

This is the time of year most of us set aside some time to think about the year that has ended and the one ahead. While making assessments, setting goals and making plans; consider the people in your life and ask are they the “quality people” you want to be around? Are you a “quality person” that others want to be around?

The term “quality people” is used too loosely these days. As 2015 begins, perhaps this is a good time to consider who the “quality people” are in our lives.  After all, who doesn’t want to be around quality people? You know who they are. They stand out in the crowd because they deliver exactly what they say and do exactly what they say they are going to do. You might think this is a given.  Nothing is a given. As you know appearances are deceiving. Everything is in the details.

“Quality people” recognize and adhere to excellence, integrity and authenticity. They are true to themselves and to others. When warranted they admit fault and failings. They do not blame others nor attempt to redirect responsibility to others. They shoulder responsibility and “dig-in” to accomplish the tasks ahead while adhering to the mission; instead of “leaning-on” someone else. Quality people think of others first; not themselves first.  They know and understand that every action and inaction have consequences. Above all else, “quality people” keep the faith, keep their commitments and keep making progress regardless of the obstacles before them.

The Women’s Roundtable is now seeking “quality people” to be the nominees for our Diane Deluca-Thompson Award and to be honored at the 28th Annual Woman of the Year Dinner. The WRT is the FIRST organization in Northwestern Pennsylvania to recognize and celebrate women who selflessly support other women. This award is not about a job title or job position and the duties that are assigned to that job. The Diance Deluca-Thompson Award is about what the nominee gives back to the community and to other women – they “dig-in” to help, support and promote other women.

The Woman’s Roundtable is also seeking quality businesswomen for consideration of a $1,000.00 monetary grant from our Wallerstein Fund.  Nomination forms are available for download: Woman of the Year and Wallerstein Fund Grant.

The deadline for both is March 10, 2015.

I encourage all of you to consider a “quality person” who meets the demanding qualifications for the Diane Deluca-Thompson Award and for a Wallerstein Fund Grant.  As 2015 begins, consider seeking out more “quality people” to be in your life.

Marsha MacKinnon

President of The Women’s Roundtable