President’s Message: Connection


Want to know a few easy-to-apply secrets to help you gain success in your business, your career, and your personal pursuits?

CONNECTION is key to success! But how? How do we connect and what do we do NEXT to make it worth our investment of time and energy?

Secret #1: Show up

Woody Allen once said success was 80% showing up. He says that if you just do it (whatever IT is) you are already more than half way to succeeding.  Why? Because the vast majority of people only talk about it, think about it, or wish for it but they don’t act on it. They never write the book, start the business, ask for the promotion, apply for the job or risk the relationship for so many legitimate reasons.

Those who never try never succeed, leaving you poised for success just because you SHOWED UP!  This is the good news.

Now the bad news. Showing up doesn’t give you a 100% chance of success. Like many of you, I’ve shown up and I have not always walked away with the BIG prize I had hoped for.

BUT I’ve always walked away with something I didn’t have before; an experience, a pearl of wisdom, or fresh resolve to keep going. Okay, sometimes, depending on the experience, it might be fresh resolve to keep going far, far away, but it’s all good! To live is to learn.

Secret #2: Follow up.

The question we all ask is, “What’s in it for me”? For instance, why show up for any of the multitude of networking opportunities in our region when you wonder afterwards what good came of it?

This is where we take secret one and ADD it to secret two to GET to the juicy “what’s in it for you” part.  

Once you’ve shown up now you take what you’ve gained (a business card, a phone number or a conversation that was fun or intriguing) and you follow up.  

Take the time to email or text with a couple of the people you connected with. Ask someone to coffee or lunch. You ask. But here’s the hard part for some, initiate a follow up because you believe that there is a benefit for you in the strengthening of that particular connection. For some that seems so self-serving but the great thing about connection is that it goes two ways. It’s amazing what can unfold in those meetings. .

Perhaps the benefit you gain from a follow up meeting is finding a volunteer for the cause you love, or increasing your client base or discovering something that will make you more marketable in your career.

Secret #3: Evaluate.  

Gains are sometimes hard to measure and they may not be immediately clear but think about it. Identify what you can. It seems a bit uncomfortable for some women to evaluate a coffee or lunch meeting but when my business partner and I first joined the WRT we did just that. The question we asked was did our time with the WRT bring us clients? The answer was yes; clients and four years later, friends who we are so glad we didn’t miss!

In the end it’s up to you. What you take away from any connection will depend on you  showing up and following up. No organization can do that for you BUT the Women’s Roundtable has been around 30 years with that mission, to give women a space where they get plenty of opportunities to CONNECT with each other.

Join us for our September event. Show up AND follow up and see for yourself what you gain.

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