Pam Parker Named Woman of the Year 2017


Pam Parker
Volunteer, Advocate, and member of Athena Erie

Pam’s support of women goes beyond what she writes and edits. Pam is constantly fighting for the women in the newsroom. She advocates females to be represented in every story, every project and every event.

Pam is editor of HER TIMES, a monthly publication for and by women, to inspire and encourage the women of Erie. She spearheaded an effort called “Beyond 9 to 5” honoring women of Erie during Women’s History Month. The project featured a story about an Erie woman each day through the month of March. She is very active in Athena Erie and enjoys mentoring young women in the community.

Pam sits on the board of the Erie County Historical Society and is an active member of the Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association, and continues to support it in the Erie Times newsroom.

Pam Parker is a role model for women as a strong, motivated, intelligent woman. She is the silver lining of the newsroom.