February President’s Message

One cold Saturday in January a dozen members of The Women’s Roundtable met to clarify and strengthen the mission and vision of the WRT. The outcome was powerful. The moment was historic. The inspiration was palpable.

Here are the results:

MISSION: To connect, empower and recognize diverse women who share their knowledge and abilities with others; and to support the professional and personal development of women as leaders throughout the northwest PA region. 

VISION: All northwest PA women are empowered to excel professionally and personally, and to make a positive impact. 

Core Values: GEMS – Growth, Excellence, Motivation and Strength

Taking note from this powerful revised mission, I challenge each member to connect, empower, and recognize the women who make up The Women’s Roundtable.

How can you connect? Join us February 17th, 5:30 pm at UPMC Hamot Women’s Hospital to learn how you can balance it all. Or, stop by our informal happy hour on March 9th at Max’s Cafe in the Bel-Aire Hotel and Conference Center.

How can you empower? Share your knowledge and abilities on a WRT committee, volunteer at an event, or quite simply take the opportunity to encourage and mentor women around you whenever and wherever you can.

How can you recognize? What woman in your network should be in the spotlight because she has brought growth, excellence, motivation and strength to Erie area women? Nominate her. Do it.  Don’t wait. Visit the website and take the time to fill out a nomination form that will convince the judges that she’s the one. We want to hear the story of the 2016 Woman of the Year. It hasn’t been told yet, but you can tell it.

Just imagine. What if we succeed?  What if women of diverse backgrounds share, support and lead? The value we’ll bring to our region will turn the tide of Erie, Pa. The Women’s Roundtable Strategic Planning Session of 2016 will truly be historic. And you will have played a central role.

May you excel personally and professionally! May you make your positive impact and change our world!

Warmest regards,

Maryanne Thornton, WRT President


Special Thank You to Those Who Participated in the Strategic Planning Session:

Maryanne Thornton, WRT President

Cindy Heintz, WRT Secretary

Lesley Ridge, WRT Communications Director

Cyndi Krahe, WRT Membership Director

Marsha MacKinnon, WRT Past-President

Mary Macie, WRT Treasurer

Lisa Heidelberg, WRT Wallerstein Grant Recipient

Laurie Root, WRT 2015 Woman of the Year

Karinna Vernaza, WRT member

Juanita Stokes, WRT member

Jenny Poff, WRT member

Linda Stevenson, WRT member