Board of Directors

Maryanne Thornton // Past President

Maryanne Thornton serves as past president for the Women’s Roundtable. Last year as President, she coordinated the 2015 Wallerstein Grant Fundraiser after being one of the first recipients of the grant in 2012. During her time with the WRT, she has served as co-director of programming and has been a member of Women’s Roundtable for four years. She lives in Greene Township with her husband and two teenage sons.

Mary Macie // Treasurer

Mary Macie has been a member of The Women’s Roundtable for 20 years. Over the years, Mary has served as president, treasurer, touchline newsletter editor, community liaison, and Woman of the Year chair. Most recently, Mary served as membership director.  She has also volunteered on the programs committee.

“I joined the Roundtable because I was impressed with the programs I attended as a guest that first year, and with the diversified background of the members.”

Cindy Heintz // Secretary

Cindy Heintz is the secretary for The Women’s Roundtable. Before becoming secretary, Cindy served as the director of programs and was responsible for planning the monthly professional networking events to support women in achieving their goals through growth, excellence, motivation, and strength (GEMS).   She has been a member of The Women’s Roundtable for four years. Cindy lives in Fairview with her husband Leo and two sons.

Patty Welther // Woman of the Year Chair

Patty Welter currently serves as the chairwoman for the 2017 Woman of the Year Committee.

Lucia Conti // Communications Director

Lucia Conti joined The Women’s Roundtable in 2014 after becoming a finalist for Woman of the Year. An Erie native, Lucia, moved to Sydney, Australia, the homeland of her husband, Greg Windle, only to return a few years later. The pair own ErieMultimedia, a local marketing and advertising agency. Communications is Lucia’s passion. Her career in Erie has seen her as senior news producer at Jet-TV/FOX66, manager of media relations and spokesperson at Hamot Medical Center, and then Director of Operations for UPMC Hamot for Women, overseeing three outpatient departments geared at community outreach and education. A proud mother of two daughters, Lucia is also a volunteer at their school, and volunteers with the Girl Scouts.

“I joined the Women’s Roundtable because I saw the passion and support they members provide to one another. My daughters were able to participate in the Woman of the Year events and witnessed strong, educated, successful women from various career paths sharing their skills and ideas with one another. It was inspiring and I want them to know that they can make an impact on their community and be a Woman of the Year some day too.”

Lisa Heidelberg // Membership Director

Lisa Heidelberg serves as the membership director for The Women’s Roundtable.

Cyndi Krahe // Programs Director

Cyndi Krahe serves as the membership director for The Women’s Roundtable.

Sue Hawley // Historian

Sue Hawley serves as the historian for The Women’s Roundtable.


Interested in getting more involved in The Woman’s Roundtable? There are positions available on several committees including Communications, Programming, Special Events, and Membership. Email for details.